Mamod  Line Shaft - Blue - Boxed - Model Steam
Mamods & other steam toys - Specialising in the older models - Model Steam

Wilesco D8 Stationary Engine -1960s - Model Steam
Wilesco D8
Arguably the most popular of the model steam forums. Lots of keen hobbyists, I (used to) hang out here a fair bit.
Unoffical Mamod Forum
A nice collection and a helpful fellah and a mate.
A really nice collection with some great info and pictures etc.
Loads of useful information pictures and links. Has to be your first stop when trying to identify that unusual model.
Some really nice pictures of a variety of model steam engines, history and period advertising


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Mamod SW1 1970s - Steam wagon - unsued & boxed - Model Steam
Mamod SW1

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Mamod RW4  O Gauge - Grey Box Van - Boxed - Model Steam
Mamod RW4


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